Aether Theory and Observations
Involving Ultra Low Frequency Waves

Release 1.0 2017-04-01
Peter Newton:
Tony Devencenzi:

2015-2016 Research

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At the time of writing this is the current version of the script we are using.


C:\My Data\Website Update 2016\MatLab\MatLab Screen.jpg


The options we have are, X&Y panning, save plot as a PNG file, print plot, RePlot raw data, create a Spectrogram, Save modified data to a CSV file and load a new file.


The create a Spectrogram and save modified data to a CSV file options are only available when using a single data set.


The X&Y panning and save image to a PNG file scripts are scripts from the MatLab file exchange library.


MatLab File Exchange Library URL


Butterworth Filter applied to data and image saved with the Save to PNG file option

C:\My Data\Website Update 2016\MatLab\P-T-2016-10-01 GWave .csv 005bf.png


Spectrogram Image


C:\My Data\Website Update 2016\MatLab\Spectrogram.jpg  



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